Aceso Therapeutic Development


At Aceso Therapeutic Development Inc. We strive to produce high quality medicinal products.   Our team members are at the forefront of the industry by having years of training, studying, perfecting extracts, and formulations.  We have a strong group of individuals who are dedicated to provide products of high quality that are purposefully formulated to have desired results.  Working with numerous Licenced Producers in Canada and Globally, gives us a very rounded experience and expertise within the industry. We are available for Consulting to the Medical Cannabis Industry as well as with Doctors.  We can provide specific products to tackle aliments to whoever has the need. We are setting the bar, by working with the Health Industry, not only to make products, but to be involved in clinical studies Globally.

We are working with Government officials around the World, to give them a better understanding of this, Natural Plant Based Medicines.  To have real based knowledge, we are assisting with clinic studies. Developing this knowledge has been one of our core values.

Let us help give you an understanding of medicinal aspects of Cannabinoids.  This can be viewed in our information pages within the “History of Cannabis page. You can view, Scientific studies and anecdotal testimonials of various people who have found help in the medicinal side of Cannabis.  Reviewing our pages will give you the ability to make informed decisions and separate “Snake Oil” claims. There is the ability to communicate with us for questions you might have, and resources for medical referrals.

Our Team is very passionate about what we do and work at assisting people with their issues.